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Taizhou Liren Household Goods Factory is a profession production to imitate the wood grain pipe, various specification absorbs water mop, even drag along, pig hair broom, dress fork, plastics broom, wash a window to brush, the window pare off, ground pare off, dustpan and other daily necessities of business enterprise. The my plant is located industrial area in the Taizhou Luqiao Tongyu liangxi Industrial Zone, is about 5 kilometers apart from the Taizhou company area road bridge, the Jiaojiang gathers to pack wharf about 10 kilometers, the transportation is very convenient.

The company always takes out 6,000,000 dollars, covering area more than 5300 square meterses, constructing area 3500 square meters, owning the machine of note, cutting the hair machine several ten sets.The real strenght of our company is strong, technique forerunner, manufacture excellent, product novel beauty, popular the whole country is everywhere, selling Africa, Southeast Asia to wait several nations and region at first, being subjected to the good opinion of the large customer deeply.

Our company take "the quality first, the prestige first" as an aim, original build up the work relation of the long-term amity at home and abroad in the lately old customer, Huang creates brilliancy.

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